Updated as of May 21st, 2017.

SPFL Premiership Team Shot Table

16_17 SPFL Premiership Shot Table

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SPFL Premiership Advanced Stats Team Table

16_17 SPFL Premiership Advanced Stats Team Table.png

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Exp G: Short for expected goals, a metric based on the number, type and location of shot a team has and concedes (i.e. Expected Goals for, Expected Goals Against, Expected Goal Difference).

Shots on Target Ratio: The ratio of shots on target a team has compared to the number of overall shots they have.

TSR: Total Shot Ratio, A ratio of shots a team has compared to their opponents.

TSoR: Total Shots on Target Ratio: Same as TSR, but for shots on target instead of all shots.

PDO: The sum of a teams shooting percentage (goals/shots on target) and its save percentage (saves/shots on target against). Name comes from a user on an ice hockey forum who came up with stat.