Anthony Stokes: More than a Great Head of Hair

Originally Appeared on 9/23/15 on Na Dead Raibead. 

Darren O’Dea started a lively night on the Tim-ernet with a tweet about the Celtic team tonight. He discussed how surprised he was that Kris Commons had been left out of the team this season. Then he tweeted this.

This set off a chain reaction not seen, well actually that’s not true as an argument like this seems like a nightly occurrence in the world of the Celtic internet but I digress, a debate formed about just how much Anthony Stokes has provided in his time with Celtic. His attitude, his opinions on the music of Elvis Presley, what position he played best, and more were discussed both for and against Stokes. But all of those things aren’t quantifiable in judging Stokes performance with Celtic (well maybe the Elvis thing, as he leads the team in Elvis’ punched per 90, but I digress yet again.) Continue reading “Anthony Stokes: More than a Great Head of Hair”